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Our pins manufactured from high-quality steel, are more durable and long-lasting as compared to other pins thanks to their superior physical and chemical properties. Manufacturing of pins in our factory starts with the selection of the required quality controls. Spectrometric, crude hardness, micro-cleanness and measurement controls are carried out for the materials cut to the measures of the pins to be manufactured. Materials are transferred to the CNC division after being subjected to tempering and hardness control. Materials processed and subjected to induction procedure according to tolerance values suiting the technical specifications of pins are brough the hardness place suitable for the area of use of the pins. Following the harness control, materials subjected to surface treatment will be welded to the sheet bars with robot-welding. Operational surfaces of pins are coated with chromium in order to increase the surface quality and provide protection against corrosion. After painting the sheet bars to suit the brand and model produced, and the model number is printed onto the pin. Then pins are packaged to protect their qualities till they are delivered to our customers, and then they are taken to the depots.

  • Buckle Pins
  • Pallet Pins
  • Pallet Additional Pins
  • Bom and Arm Pins
  • Digger Pin and Segments
  • Manufacturing of Special Pins
  • Molding Pins
  • Gearbox Pins
  • Rubber Pins and Rubber Bands